Indian Students And The Quest For Food In Germany

Once you get enrolled into a German University all you start thinking is about how living in Germany will be, the cost of living, food etc.

One of the main factors that the students are concerned about while studying in Germany is the food. There are various options for the Indian students when it comes to food. There are various outlets serving Indian food where they can enjoy and relish the taste of Indian food. Apart from the Indian cuisine the students also have a great variety of choices that they opt for. If you are vegetarian then opting for vegetarian German food is not a good option. There are various Asian cuisines that are available in abundance.


When you are in Germany the following list of food is worth a try!

  • Gluhwein
  • German Sweets
  • The Doner Kebab
  • Currywurst
  • The Real German Pretzel
  • Wiener Schnitzel

Top Indian hotels in Germany:

When it comes to food, we always prefer for the cuisine which we have been eating always. Therefore, when you go to Germany you tend to miss the taste of Indian food. But there is a solution for this now; many Indian Restaurants have emerged in the past few years which serve excellent Indian food. Following are some of the restaurants that serve good Indian food.

  • Haveli

It is one of the best restaurants that serve Indian food and it is vegetarian friendly. It is located in Berlin, Germany. There are varieties of dishes available under the Indian and Asian category.

  • Saravanaa Bhavan

For a good South Indian meal this is the place where you should stop if you are in Frankfurt, Germany. This restaurant too is vegetarian friendly, it serves assortments of South Indian dishes and Dosa is one of the most relished dishes.

  • Prince of India

This restaurant is known for its Mughlai food and it is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is a good dining option as it serves good food at affordable prices.

  • Maharani Palace

It is located in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is one of the Indian restaurants that actually provides the exact taste of Indian food. It is a wonderful restaurant to visit as it allows the customers to relish a blend of different tasty dishes.

  • Bombay

This is one of the reputed restaurants that serves Indian food. It is located in Berlin, Germany. It is known for its ambience and the affordable prices.

  • Namaste India Restaurant

This restaurant provides the exotic taste of the almost unlimited variety of the Indian cookery. It is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is popularly known for its buffet. The dishes are priced at an affordable rate.

  • Royal India

This restaurant is located in München, Germany. It does not serve vegetarian and south Indian dishes, but the other Indian dishes that are being served are extremely delicious and worth the money. The hospitality of the hotel is one of the plus points and the price which is fixed is quite economical.


Germany – Beautiful Country, Affordable Living, Exceptional People

Germany provides very specialized, extensive and outstanding opportunities to the students from all across the world and for the people who are looking for a career or job outside their country. Germany has become a top choice and the most opted place for the people like these. But this blog is not about Germany’s education system or job opportunities, it is about what all you can do when you are staying in Germany for your leisure time. So let’s find out.


Theme Parks And Amusement Parks – Germany has many adventurous and interesting theme parks and amusement parks where you can visit depending on where you are staying in Germany. Europa-Park is the biggest park in Germany which lies in the 550 years old facility of the Balthasar castle and is considered today as one of the most beautiful Theme Parks worldwide.

The Phantasialand – The Phantasialand amusement park in south of Cologne is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, with more than 50 attractions, this park attracts approximately 1.75 million visitors every year.

Dining – Explore the food joints, try different foods but keep in your mind that water in the restaurant in Germany is not free.

Shopping Germany is an environment-friendly country, so do not forget to bring your own bag when you are going for your grocery shopping as you may have to pay for the bag if you don’t bring your own. The people of Germany are very friendly and welcoming, so you will not have any problems in your shopping experience.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria. It is a well known as a place that boasts a number of architectural marvels.

Berlin – If you are not staying in Berlin then don’t forget to give it a visit in your holidays. Berlin is Germany’s largest city. This city has more than 3 million people, with a diverse blend of cultural, political and commercial tourist attractions. In fact, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the whole Europe. You can find all kinds of local foods, drinks, crafts, music and more.

Black Forest – The Black Forest is said to be the most popular tourist attraction located in the southwest of Germany. There are amazing views of dense forests, mountains, and waterfalls. Therefore, the people who admire nature, this is the place you should visit during your college holidays.

The list of attractions in Germany is too long to be mentioned at once. Therefore, we will now talk about traveling in Germany.  First of all, you should get a rail pass for that. This Pass helps travelers with the freedom to travel throughout Germany’s wide rail network for a specified number of days. You can board any train and explore different cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt etc. Other than rail, Germany’s bus and taxi service are also very good if you want to travel in a cab or a public transport. As an advice, you should always keep your passport and visa ready if you’re not a citizen of EU. So feel free and enjoy your years in Germany while studying or working.

Expat Students and The Accommodation Options

When the international students step into Germany to procure the education, the only thing that keeps running through their minds is how to get a good accommodation to stay at, as the students here do not get accommodated during the enrollment. Therefore, the students have to be on the hunt for searching suitable places to reside in and which is also cost effective.

Accommodation for students studying in Germany:-

The housing situation for students is usually challenging and an inexpensive place to live in is hard to find. The rent for the accommodation also turns out to be really expensive and most of the money is to be spent only on the accommodation itself depending upon the region a student will reside. Acquiring a place is easy during the summers as most of the students will be at the verge of concluding their respective semesters which started in winter.


Some of the cost effective and reasonable accommodation options that the students can go for while studying in Germany are:

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Germany usually fluctuates depending upon the city you are staying in.  While Leipzig can be inexplicably inexpensive and cheap, Munich is a complete contrary.  Amongst the bigger cosmopolitan cities as Koln, Hamburg, Stuttgart are comparatively less populated with having cosy towns like Freiburg, Erfurt, or Osnabruck Berlin is somewhere in between as a mutual ground to shed some viewpoint on a random student’s honest cost of living when in Germany.

Berlin, in addition to being comparatively cheap, has also the benefit of being an enormous city with plentiful alternatives as in this city with few bucks one can live a life such of a celebrity. So if the person is good at managing the expenses he/she is good to go.

  • Student residences

Student residences are one of the economical housing alternatives for students. Diverse provisions are obtainable like for instance, rooms in shared apartments or accommodation. The rent is based on the furnishings, locality, and size of the room.

Student residents are extremely helpful for students who come from other countries to study there and about 40 percent of the students utilize this option. They are content due to the reasonable costs as well as the chance to get to know each other.

  • Shared accommodation

If you do not wish to move into a house then shared accommodation is the most prevalent form of housing. About 30 percent of students in Germany reside in shared accommodation.

Every person will have a room of their own. However, the kitchen and bathroom are shared. All the expenses incurred for the internet, electricity along with the rent is shared amongst the students. A room in shared accommodation is slightly on the higher side than in a student residence but is still quite reasonable.

  • Apartment

Renting an apartment is the right choice if the student wishes to live alone. This is the most comfortable, but also the most costly sort of housing. The amount the students have to pay on an average is 357 euros per month. The students can search for apartments with the help of various specialized websites, and newspapers etc.

Although, if you do not find all these facilities immediately then you can opt to stay in the emergency accommodation centre of the universities, but it will not be comfortable and private. If you find it difficult then you can also choose to stay in the hostel until you find the right and suitable accommodation.

Learn & Earn – The Perfect Student Life

You must be aware that studying in most of the courses in Germany is free as there is no tuition fee for these courses. But when it comes to the cost of living, yes there is a little burden that you need to carry as a student. But you need not worry, as students can easily get part time jobs in Germany where they can earn a fixed amount per month depending on the hours they can work. There are many possibilities to earn money during your studies. You can find job ads in the local newspapers or on recruiting websites. Knowing a little German can significantly boost your chances of finding a better part-time job. An ideal way to work while you are studying is to take a job at an institute, library or another facility at your university itself.

Other jobs that a student can get areas support staff or waiters at cafes, bars, etc. Industrial Production Assistant and the most lucrative job opportunity for international students is teaching English to German Students and locals. But the most important aspect is that you make sure to comply with all the legal policy stipulating how much you’re allowed to work as a student from overseas in Germany.


Here Are Few Things That You Need To Consider:-

  • Update Your Resume – Make a resume for your part-time job search. Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous work experience, you can include your educational achievements.
  • Consider Your Ability And Talent – When looking for a part time job, your focus should be more on finding something that suits your talent and abilities.
  • Location – If possible, look for a job that is close to your home or college. This will save a lot of travelling time and it will also help you reach your workplace on time.
  • Preparing For Interview – Always remember that appearance definitely matters. First impression count and you have to look your best for the interview. Wear conventional clothing that looks presentable and professional.
  • Consider Your Time-Table – Discuss your timetable with your employer. You don’t want to be hired and then find out that you will not be capable of doing the job because it conflicts with your college schedule. Employers looking for part time employees are aware that they have to be flexible with their scheduling, so being candid and honest about your other availability is a good thinking.

It will take some time and effort to find a good part-time job, but it can be easy to find a part time work if you follow the above tips. So, study for free and earn your cost of living, and live the perfect student life in Germany.

From Grapes to Wine Find out all with Viticulture Studies in Germany

Germany is a place where more than 2.5 Lakh students from overseas come every year to pursue higher education. Very low or free of cost tuition fee plays a big role among the various reasons behind this increasing number. Over that the students can choose from various options to study for their degree courses like they can choose from Engineering to MD to even Viticulture Studies in Germany.

Viticulture Studies in Germany

The art of exploring and researching about the variety of grapes to produce wine is called Viticulture, the name came from the Latin word Vine. It is a part of Horticulture where the whole process of cultivating, culture and variety of grapes is studied especially for wine making. There are various courses for Viticulture studies in Germany like the study of the cultivation of grapes to the finished product as wine and horticulture crop disease etc.

Career Opportunity in Viticulture

Grapes and wine industry is running since a long time. Therefore, there are a significant number of positions all around the world for the graduates in Viticulture. The wine industry is huge in this world and the demand for it never dips so the positions like Wine Critics or Chief Winemaker at a winery or being a wine tour specialist is strong enough.


Due to the strong economic growth in Germany, the government sponsors the tuition fee for the undergraduate degree courses pursued by both national and overseas students. The public universities only charge few bucks for the administration charges. Let’s find out the reason behind the increasing interest of overseas students to pursue higher education in Germany.

  1. An array of Options: – German Universities provide educational courses for a wide range of courses. Students have the opportunity to choose from wide range of courses as per their interest or expertise. Every course is even further drilled down for providing efficient knowledge and experience.
  2. Tuition Fee: – The tuition fees of the local and international students pursuing the undergraduate course from Universities affiliated with the Germany Government are being sponsored by the government. The students are required to pay a small amount for the administration charges.
  3. Part-time Jobs: – The students have the permission to work for a part time to earn. Because, apart from the tuition fees there are many other expenses like local travel, house rent, food, stationery and various other expenses that needs to be paid by the students.
  4. Scholarship: – The German Government has various scholarship schemes to help the students financially so that financial issue doesn’t become a hindrance in between the studies.
  5. Acceptance of Degree: – The degree given by German Universities and institutions are widely accepted and recognized all over the world and plays a vital role in getting a reputable and secured job.

Any candidate who is interested in Viticulture Studies in Germany will get necessary assistance from Study Feeds from counselling to selecting the best universities in Germany. Study Feeds will guide you through all the process from getting Visa to getting settled down in Germany.

Study Architecture In Germany To Facilitate A Upbeat Future

Studying Architecture is associated with designing, developing and constructing buildings for residing, teaching, and working for people as well as intricate industrial buildings for work. Besides this the elementary duty of architecture is urban development and enlargement. All this should be done keeping the safety of the environment in mind and should also have strong engineered ideologies for erecting buildings which are unaffected by the natural shocks and dangers.

Study Architecture In Germany

Germany has inscribed a forte for its extraordinary architectural skills, which are acknowledged and wanted worldwide. Many students Study Architecture in Germany as it provides education which is completely remarkable. The universities there do not only teach the students through theory but also allow them to have a practical experience about each and every aspect of architectural course.

To get into the universities the students have to undergo various examinations and also have the required amount of percentage in every exam that they have appeared for. Once the students get into the university he will get to study the bachelor’s course first which is for three years and later he will be eligible to purse the master’s course which is for two years.


After the course is completed the student of architecture will have to apply for training which is for two years after the completion he will be qualified for getting his name get recorded in register of architects. After this whole process the student will be able to use his degree and get a job in Europe government or in any other country.

Living in Germany

Dwelling is in fact comparatively cheaper than residing in rest of the Europe. One can rent a place to stay rather than buying it, as it works out in a reasonable way and is cheaper. As soon as the students land they are requested to apply for health insurance which is obligatory. Students can also get their driving license if required by following few procedures or there are numerous means of transport which one can take advantage of effortlessly.

The food in Germany is great plus there are several other openings for Indian students. The climatic conditions are adjustable with summer being slightly hot and winters being a bit cold and snowy. Students can also get a part time job to encounter some of their day to day expenditures. Studying Architecture in Germany is extremely effortless for any student both in terms of education and in terms of residing.

Study Architecture in Germany is one of the greatest selections that a student can go for. The students get numerous facilities that are enormously extraordinary and cost-effective. All a student has to do is make use of the amenities in an effective manner and in future, he will see himself as a completely altered person in an improved way.

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Study MD in Germany For Better Career Prospects

Germany is one of the most sought after destination for students all over the world. This country provides an ambient and healthy environment for the students aspiring for Medical studies. There are various career and educational opportunities in the field of medicine, here in Germany. The universities here have excellent infrastructures, well qualified faculties and interactive and helpful fellow students. Moreover, studying here doesn’t cause much pressure on your pocket. Since there are too many options to choose from and to avoid unwanted confusion, Studyfeeds is at your aid. Studyfeeds will provide a hassle-free guide for Study MD in Germany.



  • 12th Class Marksheet and 1st year bachelor’s mark sheet. (Germany recognizes 13 years basic education system instead of 12 years system recognized in India)
  • Basic level of proficiency in German Language.
  • For the students not enrolled in any under-graduate there is another option of doing M-course (2 semesters)
  • Entrance test (To check German language Proficiency and Biology)
  • With these Score Cards/ Marksheets of Class 12th and the M-course one can apply to the various universities in Germany.

Courses Offered

A variety of courses are offered in Medical field in Germany.

  • General Medicine / Human medicine (MD)
  • Dentistry (Doctor of Dental medicine)
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Research On Medicine (Doctor of Natural Sciences)

The duration of the course is 6 years. It includes (i)a period of preparatory scientific medicinal study (ii) a period of experimental research for 4 years (iii) Finally a year of advanced experimental research before the conferral of the degree.

Benefits of studying Medicine in Germany

One may ask the question, why is Germany so much in demand for studying Medicine? The answer is simple. The work efficiency, one of the finest educational systems and low cost expenses attract students from all over the globe. The numerous perks, opportunities and other reasons that draw students towards Germany are:

  • Courses Offered: A variety of courses are offered in German universities in the field of Medicine. University of Heidelberg offers exclusive courses in Human medicine and Dental Medicine. Other popular universities are Munster University, Leipzig University etc. Often universities collaborate and do research works and exchange programmes.
  • Global recognition: WHO, UNO, FAIMER etc. recognise the Medicinal degree obtained in Germany. Being a part of the European Union (EU), it’s easier for German students to move and practice elsewhere.
  • Easy Licensure: The license for practicing is easily available on the completion of the degree compared to other countries. Also one can get permanent citizenship after 5 years of work.
  • Low or zero cost tuition fee: The universities in Germany usually don’t charge Tuition Fee. If the tuition fee is charged it’s minimal. Students have to pay certain minimal charges per semester.
  • Low cost of living: Germany is an economical place to live in compared to other European countries. You are allowed to work part time for 120 full days or 240 half days.
  • Scholarship: Many inter university collaborations and student exchange programmes offer scholarship and financial supports to the aspiring students. DAAD and Erasmus Mundus programme are one the popular scholarship sources.
  • Jobs: There is a requirement of number of doctors in various fields of medicine in Germany. And the jobs are more than satisfying and the pay is higher than many other European countries.
  • Other activities: Germany has been a cultural and artistic centre for the past centuries. It has had a rich cultural past and provides all other sorts of entertainment. Thus alongside studying one can enjoy the thriving art and the nightlife scenes.

Universities in Germany provide top-class education. And the advancement in Medical field in Germany is taking the foreground as far as other career options are concerned. The jobs are numerous, demanding as well as challenging and lastly more than satisfying.

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